Collaborating to Empower Future Leaders on Sustainability , Circular Economy and the UN SDGs

FAIR offers a variety of collaboration opportunities for Colleges, Universities and other Cultural, Educational and Training Organizations seeking to develop new programs and partnerships in Italy for the benefits of their students.

FAIR is likely to have an innovative and mutually beneficial solution for all the stakeholders involved.

If your institution is interested in developing a program in Italy, we encourage you to consider a partnership with us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your institution is interested in:

FAIR seeks to develop its educational and training initiatives in cooperation with Colleges, Universities and other Institutions like Business Associations, Non Profits, Foundations that have interest in offering courses that will enrich their curriculum and whose students and participants will add a responsible dimension to their experience.

If you are advising students to apply to FAIR, or would like your school to become a collaborating institution, we will provide an updated Course Sillabi Guide to review our proposal in detail.

If you are a faculty member or administrator and would like to bring a group of your students to Florence to offer a unique and responsible experience we can provide the perfect solution.

If you and/or your institution are interested in developing a program with the FAIR Academy, please contact us at .