We are proud to deliver to our partners and share with our participants our knowledge and expertise in those areas where we are professionally developing and delivering sustainable and responsible researches, analysis, and impacts.

Here the areas of specialization and an example of the courses we can provide:


  • Fashion Branding and Communication
  • Responsible Fashion Business in a global world
  • Sustainable Design and the Circular Economy

Sport Management 

  • Sport Management & Marketing
  • Sport in Italian Society
  • Responsible Events and Stakeholder Management
  • Ethics and CSR in Sport

Entrepreneurship, CSR and Ethics

  • Business Ethics and spirituality
  • Strategic CSR
  • Sustainability Marketing
  • Social Innovation and cooperative management

International business and marketing

  • International business
  • International marketing 
  • The Global Economy 
  • International communication

Arts and Humanities

  • Sustainability in the Arts and Humanities
  • The eco-management of museums
  • Design of Responsible Tourist Experiences

Media and Journalism

  • Citizen Journalism
  • Sociology of Media
  • Innovation and Responsibility in New Media Business Models

Italian Language and Culture

  • Italian Language (various levels)
  • Italian culture
  • The Genius loci of Florence


  • Design of Food and Wine Tourist Experiences
  • Geography of Tourism
  • Responsible and Eco-tourism