The FAIR Academy provides students and practitioners with a unique opportunity to explore the nexus between business competitiveness and the natural, cultural and social environment from the perspective of the Italian culture and the Made in Italy.

Our Mission is to deliver high quality responsible programs while serving our community and responding to the needs of our stakeholders.

Our programs, classroom activities, on site visits and project developments deliver professional and effective analysis, advice, recommendations and hands-on experiences that are immediately useful for participants to increase their knowledge, experience and networking capabilities, but at the same time for firms and organizations involved in the experience.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their curricula in the following areas of expertise:

Participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on experiences from the Italian business eco-system and its leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, startups and innovators that are investing to make an impact.

Special focus, analysis and visits will be dedicated to develop a deeper understanding of the Italian productive system – The Made in Italy – represented by the industries of Fashion, Design, Food, IT, Tourisms, Arts and Sport.