Sport & Green Events

The Sport Management & Entertainment Program provides students and practitioners with a unique opportunity to explore the connection between sports business and the natural, cultural and social environment from the unique perspective of a foreign culture and business environment.

Through their learning experiences and projects, students apply knowledge from the classroom to solve real-world problems and see firsthand how sports businesses and organizations are tackling the challenges of sustainability.

Especially in the FAIR Lab program, under the guidance of a mentor, interdisciplinary teams of students engage in a project with FAIR’s partner companies, public administrations, and non-profit organizations.

Projects deliver professional and effective analysis, advice, and recommendations that are immediately useful to give advice especially to local organizations in Florence.

Summer and Winter Programs

Italy is a nation famous for soccer and its incredible fans, but also for having hosted many Olympic and world sport events. It is also famous for its numerous professional sport leagues, federations, and grassroots sport organizations.

The Sport Management Program is designed to offer participants a real experience in the industry of sport not only from the perspective of the “business-as-usual” sport industry, but also from a holistic a responsible perspective. The aim is to show the power of sport to create positive messages and impacts, the role of volunteerism, the realization of sustainable sport events in urban areas and on the mountains or different and alternative management models. 

The Sport Management Program runs all the year during the Summer and Winter and it is host in Florence or Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites and one of the Alpine Pearls. The Program can also be organized both in Florence and Moena on the needs of our participants. 

 Courses: Courses will be in Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Social Media and Advertising, Sports in Italian Society, Innovation and Quality in Sport, Events and Stakeholder Management, Sport Branding and Communication, Ethics and CSR in Sport.

 The FAIR Lab Program

The Fair Lab provides students with knowledge and tools to study, analyze and develop responsible projects for third parties – businesses and organizations – during their study abroad program.


  • The Business Case for Sustainability
  • Management System Approaches
  • Monitoring & Reporting: the EU & Italian Standards for organizations and events
  • Impact Assessment
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Sport & Local culture

 Project features

  • Summer/Winter: from 2 weeks to 6
  • 1 team project on the sustainability challenges of local sports organizations
  • Approximately 3-5 students per team
  • Hosts and teams negotiate project scope, schedule, and deliverables
  • Teams work remotely with organizations; Mentors coach the teams


  • First part: Classes explore the challenges of sustainability and the responses of leading organizations (Lecture style)
  • Second part: Projects with host organizations (Project style)
  • Format: Specific Projects for local organizations supported by lectures, seminars, cases, workshops and visits.


  • Written analysis for host
  • Presentation to class and host
  • Poster presentation to the local community at the end of the experience

 Learning outcomes

  • Know & Experience Innovative standards for Sport organizations and events
  • Practical activities and new tools to support your sport sustainability journey
  • Understand the business case for sustainable sport initiatives
  • Understand the relevance of impact, scale, networks and cooperation
  • Compare and use international and Italian frameworks to implement sustainability

Additional Courses

While in Florence, students can tailor their experience to fit their educational goals by taking other courses.


Students can add for internship opportunities as a single course (3, 4 or 6 credits) in case they apply for the Certificate Program (15 credits minimum).  

 In a nutshell

  • Gain hands on experience through learning and project experiences
  • Engage with local managers and entrepreneurs
  • Design new projects for third parties
  • 1 or more organizations involved; 1 project per organization or more projects for the same one
  • A network of local sustainable excellences
  • A tailored experience
  • Courses all in English
  • Italian language optional
  • All courses 3 credits, 45 contact hours
  • Minimum total 3-4 credits in two weeks


Admission is on a rolling basis and is selective. Students may apply at their school or request more information at  .