Internships represent a cross-over point between university and career, and will not only help students in their career, but also in planning their studies: the experience they can gain during an internship will indicate how they should structure their future studies and how to establish their individual career.

Internships abroad are a unique opportunity to get in contact with different cultures while at the same time facing new challenges both as an individual and as a future leader and professional.

Internships in firms and sectors that are investing in new ways of thinking about  doing business (sustainability, innovation of process and structures, etc.) will give students a fresh and up-to-date perspective on what is going on in the business world in another country.

Thus, the primary purpose of this course is to provide an academic framework, learning objectives and an opportunity for personal and professional reflective thought. Students will integrate knowledge derived from their academic studies with the experiences gained from real-world work settings and professional development.

This program will support work experiences by fostering analytical, interpersonal, and communications skills. Students will engage in class discussion and focus on personal reflection, practical issues related to internships, challenges encountered in the work place, general work strategies, cultural issues as well on main topics of the course.

The primary learning objectives of this course are: