CASA Torrini Jewelry Design Program provides students and practitioners with a unique opportunity to explore in depth the heritage and tradition of jewelry design and making in the city of Arts, Florence.

Students will live a unique experience guided by a real Maestro Artigiano, descendant of one of the oldest golden jewelry activities in Florence and the World: Torrini, whose trade mark was registered in 1369, has more than 700 years of history.

The connection with the local natural, cultural and social, and economic environment will further enrich the learning experience.

Through their experiences and projects, students apply knowledge from the classroom to solve real-world problems and see firsthand how to design, make and commercialize jewelries in an innovative and responsible way.

Under the guidance of a Maestro, students will engage in a project with and for CASA Torrini.


Admission is on a rolling basis and is selective. Students may apply online at or request more information at  .