Short-Term Academic Programs are open to all students with the goal of maximum flexibility. Courses are all in English and, depending on the number of credits and the duration of the chosen program, these programs could include at least one course in Italian language.  

Students can choose one of the Italian courses, from Beginner to Advanced, and other single courses from Curricular Specializations to reach the needed amount of credits. All courses are in English, except Italian Language courses. Courses are designed to involve 45 contact hours per session. Attendance is mandatory. Upon course completion, students receive an academic record. The standard course load is 3-7 credits per session.

Sustainability & Co-Design 

We design our programs according to ethical and sustainable principles and values in order to offer a unique and responsible experience to our participants, and to deliver our experience and knowledge on the subject.

We are also open to co-design and co-project our programs with our partners to offer and deliver to our participants the best experience for their stay in Tuscany and Italy.

Our strength: Networks & Experience

We select our local partners that must be an excellence in their business and in sustainability.

We share our knowledge, experience and networks to make our participants’ experience valuable for them as person and as professionals.


We deliver our Programs in the following ways:


*We can offer all year long other customizable Programs for MBA Students, Scholars and Alumni. These programs – Faculty-Led Programs, Executive Training Programs, Business Tours, Study Tours (Alumni and Families) – are designed with the goal of maximum flexibility.


Examples of Courses:

An Independent Research Program can be offered and tailored on an individual base.