The best awards we have received over the years from our partners and stakeholders is their recognition of our strengthens and commitment in delivering responsible projects for the benefit of the community. Formally, these can be summarized in the following steps


  • Presidency, Young Entrepreneurs,  CNA Business Association, Florence


  • Presidency, Young Entrepreneurs in Cooperatives,  Confcooperative Toscana
  • Member of the Board,  Italian Alliance of Cooperatives, Tuscany Chapter


  • EXPO2015 Milano:  B4Sports & Firenze is Experience projects selected to be presented at Cascina Triulza (October 9th and 11th, 2015, Milan).
  • WE Day UK. Honoured Guest. 5 Marzo 2015. London (UK).
  • Member of the Board, Amerigo / ENAM Association for International US Cultural Exchanges Programs, Tuscany Chapter