FAIR Italy

We believe that investing in sustainability is essential to address the complex changes of our times and for pushing people, organizations, businesses and territories toward a responsible and innovative future.

One way to address this complexity is to work together for a better future in a collaborative and cooperative way, trying to create and share the value of the experience. This is the main reason why more than five years ago FAIR Italy was established.

FAIR Italy is a voluntary nonprofit association whose mission is to promote the culture of fairness, responsibility and sustainability in the fields of innovation and sustainable business, engaging especially students and young entrepreneurs. In five years of activity, its programs and initiatives have involved thousands of young people and hundreds of stakeholders, both Italians and foreigners.

The latest initiative to promote abroad the Italian excellences of sustainable businesses and responsible innovation is the FAIR Academy. The FAIR Academy is an initiative promoted by FAIR and its spin-off FASE SC as an innovative and sustainable exchange program to bridge all those people and institutions that work and are are devoted to change the world for a better and sustainable future.


Fair Italy is a leader on innovation and sustainability topics.  Fair has been developing many projects, initiatives, events and workshops for young people and entrepreneurs engaging international and national leaders and organizations to share their knowledge and experiences. 
Fair’s members are professionals and academics with many years of experience in consulting, education and training. Fair’s members are also in many important representative roles for partner organizations in Tuscany. 

To find out more about our programs and initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us 

Florence, Italy
E-mail: info@fairitaly.org
   Tel.: (+39) 3287217109 II