Workshop for firms on CETA, the Canada-EU Economic Agreement (June 12, 2018)

Honored and proud for having co-organized today the first event on #CETA The Canada-EU Economic agreement and discussed the opportunities for the  #Artisans and #SME businesses of the Florentine territory.

This event is the first official visit of the # DélégationduQuebec in Italy in Florence together with the Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada, @Centro Studi Italia Canada, European Commission #DGTrade, CNA Firenze #Firenze.

A heartfelt thanks to: Paolo Quattrocchi @ Centro Studi Italia Canada Nctm Law Firm, Jan Scazighino Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada, @Marianna Simeone # DélégationduQuebec, Lucia Baldino Desjardins, Luca De Carli European Commission #DGTrade, Fabrizio Toti J.A.S. JET AIR SERVICE SPA, Noemi Trombetti #ITA Corp., and partner Nctm Law Firm #MBH